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We hope everyone is in good health! Our Bhakta Samaj is having our second annual picnic on Sunday, June 23rd from 11am to 8pm. We need to get a head count so our sponsors can better prepare for this event. Please respond with your name as well as how many members of your family (adults and children) that can attend. The deadline to respond is June 9th. Please make every attempt to be there. We need everyone's support so this can be a successful event. Hope to see everyone there!! 

Stone Mountain Park
Virginia Pavilion 
Stone Mountain, GA 30078 

Sunday, June 23 
11am to 8pm 


This website is an effort to communicate with members of our Samaj in Southeast part of USA which includes Georgia, Tennessee, and both Carolina states. Important information about our Samaj will be posted here on regular basis. We will do all we can to galvanize all members of our Samaj.



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